"Alex Paul is a joy to work with - and has quickly become a necessity for me. As a researcher, she casts her net widely and deeply, and the information she brings me is beautifully tailored to my interests while also giving me historical and cultural context that I wouldn't have known to request. Her packets, charts, tables, and timelines manage to arrange complicated information into easily readable and digestible formats, that do not lack nuance for their readability. She has been my researcher for TV, film, and novel projects, and I'm thrilled to recommend her without reservation."

Jen Silverman

Novelist, Playwright, TV Writer

We Play Ourselves & There's Going to Be Trouble

"Alex was an unbelievable asset to have on our music show - smart, diligent, thorough, super collaborative, and an absolute pleasure to have in the room. From fact-checking minute details of the late 60s Laurel Canyon music community to gathering little known facts about underground disco in mid 70s New York, Alex was up to every challenge. Our ability to capture this era of music authentically and comprehensively was in many ways thanks to her heroic efforts. Can't wait to work with her again!"

Scott Neustadter

Screenwriter, Executive Producer

Daisy Jones & The Six, The Disaster Artist, 500 Days of Summer

"I worked with Alex on the Hulu series Mike. Her research is impeccable. She was an essential part of the team from the very beginning of the project until the end of production. She brings an enthusiastic, curious spirit to her work which was always organized, thoughtful and thorough."

Karin Gist

Showrunner, Executive Producer

Mike, Our Kind of People, Mixed-ish

"Alex researched and annotated a historical project for me, including translations of medieval documents. I was repeatedly impressed by her skill level, enthusiasm for the project, and how she approached the work as if we were partners. Alex's stellar organizational skills and superb presentation of the final the research packet sparked daily inspiration for me."

Nichelle Tramble Spellman

Showrunner, Executive Producer

Truth Be Told

"When I was hired to write a sprawling, historical limited series, I insisted to my producers that they hire me a research assistant; I made it one of the conditions of my deal. Alex proved to be a wonderful companion as I braved the wilderness in quest of a storytelling structure. She was proactive, efficient, rigorous, and grew to share my enthusiasm for the project. And, perhaps most crucially for a researcher, she proved to be an excellent detective, uncovering or fact-checking little nuggets along the way. Alex’s contribution was truly invaluable."

Donald Margulies

Playwright, Screenwriter

Dinner With Friends, Sight Unseen, Collected Stories